Chihaya Kisaragi (如月 千早) is the main character from Chihaya Kisaragi of Serenity.


Chihaya Kisaragi is a girl who lives with her parents in Aichi. Her hobbies are singing, playing with her little sister, email, and reading science books.


Chihaya was born in Aichi. She loved playing games and singing as a child, and she still kind of does today.
For her 10th birthday, her little sister, Yurika, had sewn her a plush toy she named Yuzu (柚子).
On Chihaya's 15th birthday, Chihaya and her family go camping, when they meet a girl named Shizuka Wakabayashi. Chihaya was initially scared of her of first, but when Chihaya found out she had something in common with Shizuka, they became fast friends.


Her original name was Tomoka (朋香).
She is very interested in science, and wants to become a scientist.